Helping those who help others: HERO House


Seattle: HERO House, an Eastside based non-profit dedicated to providing rehabilitation and employment programs to adults living with mental illness recently received a “retired” King County van from King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci.

HERO House became a Clubhouse in Washington State in 2005 and is only one of two accredited by Clubhouse International left in our state. Since then, HERO House has been providing free vocational and social recovery for adults ages 18 and up through education, advocacy and skill building exercises.

“The people at HERO House are doing remarkable things for our neighbors who live with mental illness,” said King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci. “By helping people prepare for and find a job, as well as providing a place where people can relax and socialize, HERO House has created a welcoming community to help people with mental illness succeed in all aspects of their lives.  I enjoyed meeting the members and staff at HERO House and have no doubt that they will put this van to good use.”

Since 1995, the County Council has donated vans from Metro’s Vanpool to local cities and nonprofit organizations to provide transportation for low-income, elderly, youth and disabled residents. The vans are part of a fleet of county vehicles that have been “retired” after accruing a certain number of miles.

Recipients of the vans must meet specific requirements, including outlining detailed plans for using the van, ability to provide quality and trained drivers and assurance that the van will be available to assist persons without regard to affiliation with any particular organization.

The vanpool program provides mobility for a diverse array of King County residents, supports the positive work of various local organizations and relieves traffic congestion by reducing the need for single-occupancy vehicles. Interested organizations can contact the County Council member representing their district for more information on applying for a vehicle.