District 6 PSRC Funded Projects

psrcThe Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Executive Board approved a list for federally funded grants to be allocated towards projects in and around the Eastside. This action provides millions of dollars in funding to projects throughout the district and King County, including projects in Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland.

Here’s a sampling of District 6 (and just outside D6) projects:

Redmond:  $4.4 million to advance the 152nd Ave project
Kirkland:    $1.4 million to advance the 124th Ave NE Roadway improvements
Bellevue:    $5.5 million for construction of NE Spring Blvd Zone 1A
Bellevue:    $1.5 for pavement preservation on Bel-Red road

Not just roads, but also:

  • $2 million for King County to design the Wilburton segment of the Eastside Rail Corridor trail
  • $400,000 to design the missing link on the Mountains to Sound Greenway trail through Eastgate/Factoria
  • $206,000 for NE 40th Street shared-use path in Redmond
  • Funds to improve access to transit in multiple locations around the County

This funding will also add significant grants to King County Metro and Sound Transit to maintain and replace vehicles and facilities to support riders throughout King County.

According to the PSRC, in the last year, we have seen more population growth than in any single previous year.  Over 80,000 people, the equivalent of the City of Kirkland, moved to the Puget Sound Region in 2015. With all of this population growth, these PSRC funded projects will help us manage our growth and help to better plan for our future.