May is Bike Everywhere Month

May is Bike Everywhere Month and I’m kicking it into high gear by sharing my own Bike Everywhere experience! Whether you ride all the way to your destination or use your bike to get to transit, biking is great exercise and a good way to stay healthy and enjoy the sunshine.

Claudia with Bikes

I have been biking to and from various park & rides and meetings across the Eastside, and recently had the opportunity to meet Tiffany Mannion from Keene, New Hampshire. Tiffany is part of an ambassador program designed to get more people to ride and is the first “Bicycle Mayor” in the US. These folks inspired me to pursue my cycling adventure and not worry too much about the little things, like rain.

The idea of starting to use my bike for transportation was a New Year’s resolution. When I started on April 2, all of my bike stuff was about 25 years old. Including my skills. But, here in May, the outcomes look pretty good! Don’t get me wrong, there were setbacks – the fall on day 1 was no fun but the bruises have faded and it motivated me to buy a new and better helmet. It is still humbling to be out there feeling pretty slow and ungainly.

But, all in all, it’s been great. Lots of fun, good for my overall fitness and state of mind, and a great opportunity to see how biking works on our city streets, county corridors, and state trails.

I hope that you will join me in celebrating Bike Everywhere month. Here are some great resources and events to get you on those wheels!

Bellevue Downtown Association’s Bike Bash:

Cascade Bike Club:

Bike Everywhere day:

King County Bike Commuting:

Washington State DOT Information:

Bicycle Safety Tips:

Pictured above: Councilmember Balducci, David Allen founder of Bike All Over, Tiffany Mannion of Keene, NH, and Bellevue Downtown Association’s Transportation Director Tim Kelley